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#1 BEST Supplier of Slush Machine South Africa & Slush Machines South Africa For Sale At Low Prices.

No need to search for any Slush Puppy information, find the best Slush Machines Prices in South Africa with us.

As a ChromeCater Slush Puppie Machine Supplier we offer you the BEST service and Slush Machine Price available in South Africa. We are based in Pretoria and close to Johannesburg but we service the whole of South Africa.

With our Slush Puppy Machine options you can choose between single barrel, double barrel or triple barrels slush machines. Find Slush Machines Near Me right here with us, a ChromeCater Slush Machine can be used for business, home or commercial purposes.

ChromeCater SC-1 Single Barrel Slush Machine with only one 15L Tank, then the ChromeCater SC-2 Double Barrel Slush Machine with two 15L Tanks and finally the popular ChromeCater SC-3 Triple Barrel Slush Machines with three 15L Tanks for the higher volumes.

Smart Candy are Leaders in the Slush Machines Industry, Slush Mix and the very popular Frozen Cocktail Machines & Cocktail Syrups. Suppliers and Distributors of Slush Puppie Syrups Mixes and Cocktail Syrups to use in most Slush Machine variants in South Africa.

Perfectly formulated Slush Puppy Mixes to put smiles on Children’s Faces and Cocktails to keep the Adults happy Supplier to the large Slush Machine Industry in South Africa.

Slush Puppie is by no means just for kids anymore! Frozen Slush Cocktails are extremely popular and change the way in which alcoholic Frozen Slushy Cocktail drinks are served in Bars & Restaurants around the world.

Our Cocktail range of Cocktail Mix Flavours are designed for use in restaurants, pubs, parties and events. Frozen Cocktail Slush is always a hit at Birthdays, Weddings and any other Special Occasion.

We Supply as Virgin Mix without any alcohol, but flavoured to perfection. Virgin Cocktails are ideal for the “rather safe than sorry” ones and the designated driver! Choose to have your Cocktails with or without any alcohol, our base mix is the standard start to any Daiquiri you choose to make. This Frozen Cocktail formulation makes it easy for you to simply add your spirits of choice, a slice of fruit and a sprig of mint for the ultimate party Cocktail.

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